Out there.....and you feel Cambodia again / by valentina chiodi

Sometime I get easily bored of Siem Reap, but is natural, every human being get tired after a while of his daily routine and local environment; if we will not look for other new inspiration, it means that we are dead in our soul.

During those years I have been living here, I saw many changes and now more than ever is time of building, construction, caos, drilling and lots of dust, even when you go in the country side with your bike is very difficult to breath fresh air, but...

Yes but, there are some moments when really you need a small corner, the right light and the sound of the local music to be reconnected again and remember why I am here, why I choose this place, not for what is Siem Reap now but certainly for what is out there and for the real people of this complicated and inspiring country.