a jump in the past......Bangladesh b&w film by valentina chiodi

Sometime when you go through your old pictures, suddenly discover that what you liked before, most probably has changed with the years, due to the different state of your mind, but some pictures after many years, are still the same, still capture your mind and heart.

I had a look at my old film (kodak Iso400) and in particularly those one taken during my first trip in Bangladesh in 2010 and still I like them....it was a deep jump in a magic life.....for me dense of emotion and love at that time....I like to see the film grain and I remember how much I enjoyed my time in my small dark room.

Bangladesh, Dhaka 2010

Out there.....and you feel Cambodia again by valentina chiodi

Sometime I get easily bored of Siem Reap, but is natural, every human being get tired after a while of his daily routine and local environment; if we will not look for other new inspiration, it means that we are dead in our soul.

During those years I have been living here, I saw many changes and now more than ever is time of building, construction, caos, drilling and lots of dust, even when you go in the country side with your bike is very difficult to breath fresh air, but...

Yes but, there are some moments when really you need a small corner, the right light and the sound of the local music to be reconnected again and remember why I am here, why I choose this place, not for what is Siem Reap now but certainly for what is out there and for the real people of this complicated and inspiring country.

Genius Loci by valentina chiodi

I think and I am sure as well about that, every place has is own energy and when you are in a particular place you can feel it, if is positive or not...
It's like every place exist for something, exactly like we did.....
I made an interesting research for my degree because I was very curious to understand when you start a new project in an empty land to see before what it will be exactly right for that place and by chance I discovered that there is a big philosophy study around this, called - La Geofilosofia dei luoghi- and it's true that every place is quite ready to accept a kind of architecture, let's say for example Stonehenge was built in that way because of a really spiritual energetic reason, and like that place many others, and it could not have been dedicated to another form.....

We are also able to destroy the soul of the place and this is quite evident when is not the soul that guide you in the planning...but is the human greedness to built and built and built.

It's important sometime, to walk around and to establish again a connection, that you can loose easily,  with the place where you live;  so yesterday, after few years I walked again in to Wat Bo, yes many years, incredible!!! I think I never entered again in since 2010!
But is like when you have something  available every day and you don't care to go and look because you know that is there, but when you actually decide to go, you can breath again the soul of the place.

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La notte by valentina chiodi

La notte e' fatta per i sognatori,

Per quelli che restano in silenzio ad ascoltare i grilli e le cicale in una sera d'estate,
la fresca brezza che ti accarezza il viso e le mani,
portando un po' di refrigerio,

La notte e' fatta per chi ama le stelle

Sono tante in cielo,
che nemmeno riesci a contarle
ogni tanto ne cade una,
se proprio ti perdi
nell'immenso a guardare

La notte e' fatta per chi ama

quando tutto si spegne e rallenta,
quando il silenzio intorno ti fa stendere
e abbracciare chi ti sta accanto, 
e spegni la luce e resti a guardare

perche' la notte e' fatta per i sognatori

 durante la notte, Roma 2011

durante la notte, Roma 2011